Marin Software Tracks App Usage for Ad Targeting

By Tim Maytom

marin software

Cross-channel performance firm Marin Software has partnered with AppsFlyer and Kochava to launch a new feature that enables advertisers to track mobile app installs and activity to search, display and social ad campaigns.

The feature enables Marin customers to identify the influence of online ads on mobile app usage, with the increased visibility allowing them to optimise their digital marketing campaigns to improve app engagement and revenue.

According to research by Ofcom, 48 per cent of app users download apps only to never use them, a rise of 11 per cent on the same figure in 2012. On average, smartphone users download 23 apps, but only 10 get regular use.

With apps set to generate $77bn (£51bn) in worldwide revenue by 2017, it is crucial that advertisers are able to understand the links between their search, display and social campaigns and increases in app installs and user engagement. Marketers need to be able to maximise return on mobile apps and drive usage effectively to be successful.

By partnering with mobile app analytics providers, Marin Software aims to provide advertisers with attribution of digital marketing campaigns on mobile app usage, letting them track patterns in engagement and …read more

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