MasterCard Unlocks Parking Meters for Hyperlocal Offers

By Tim Maytom

city connector

MasterCard has unveiled a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution in partnership with Parkeon called City Connector that enables people to access coupons for local businesses via on-street parking meters.

The solution allows local businesses to reach potential customers in a hyper-local way, able to publish offers, manage entire campaigns and specify targeting criteria to ensure a relevant and customised experience for consumers.

The first implementation of the platform will be in Las Vegas’ Downtown Container Park, a new retail destination similar to London’s Boxpark Shoreditch. 16 interactive kiosks will go live today, with offers from nearby participating stores and restaurants.

The system requires no registration or sign-up, enabling people parking their car or just walking by to scroll through offers on interactive displays on the parking meters, which can also print out any deals that consumers select

“MasterCard is at the heart of smart city development, said Will Judge, head of urban mobility at MasterCard. “We partner with innovative municipalities and companies around the world to realise unfulfilled potential across cities, ultimately transforming the urban experience for citizens and visitors.”

“City Connector will provide a new and innovative way for Las Vega to deliver value to our citizens and to …read more

Source:: Mobile App News