Medical Recruitment Firm Slashes Text Costs with Donky Solution

By David Murphy

Donky mobile case study

Donky, a network for developers, combining real-time data services and communications with marketing automation, has published the results of a recent implementation for a medical recruitment specialist that demonstrate a 96 per cent saving on monthly communication spend with the company’s candidate database.

Before integrating Donky’s white-labelled messenger app for iOS and Android into its operations, the recruiter sent over 150,000 texts to candidates each month regarding urgent upcoming job postings. Candidates were charged by their mobile operator for a reply, which were forwarded via email to the relevant department within the agency. Non-urgent messages were sent using email to reduce SMS costs.

Following the introduction of the Donky messenger app, the recruiter can now send candidates in-app chat messages. These are free to send, and users are not charged for replies. Meanwhile, communications have been streamlined and simplified by the addition of rules which automatically sort and forward replies to the relevant consultant, and the fact that non-urgent communications can also be sent using the app, since no additional charge is incurred.

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