Meetrics Study: Less Than Half of UK Online Ads are Viewable

By David Murphy

Online ad

An online ad seen earlier today, but how many others never are?

The level of online ad viewability in the UK has dropped noticeably over the last year, in the face of the rise in automated ad buying processes, according to a new report from European ad verification company Meetrics.

In Q2 2015, less than half (49 per cent) of online ads served in the UK met the IAB and Media Ratings Council’s recommendation that an ad is considered viewable if 50 per cent of it is in view for at least one second. That’s down from a viewability figure of 56 per cent in Q2 2014.

The UK figure of 49 per cent is well below that of Germany (64 per cent) and France (62 per cent), where automated ad buying techniques, such as programmatic, are less dominant. A recent IAB study (Media Owner Sales Techniques), showed that 45 per cent of UK display ads were bought programmatically in 2014, up from 28 per cent in 2013. The IAB predicts this will rise to 70-80 per cent by 2018.

“There’s no doubt programmatic brings many benefits to advertisers but there’s a flip side to every coin,” said Anant Joshi, Meetrics’ director …read more

Source:: Mobile App News