Microsoft 4Afrika and Skrill Launch eCommerce Portal

By Tim Maytom


Microsoft 4Afrika, the tech giant’s initiative aimed at accelerating economic development in Africa, and online payments firm Skrill have launched an eCommerce portal that will enable consumers to access free educational content, use Microsoft software and use mobile wallets to buy from global internet brands.

The portal will be integrated with a number of mobile network operators across the continent, and was announced at the 17th annual AfricaCom conference.

“Africa is urbanising faster than any other continent, with cities enjoying strong levels of wireless and data coverage,” said Nilesh Pandya, senior vice president of emerging markets at Skrill. “It has the world’s most youthful populations and we know that it is the younger generations that are often the first to embrace technology. Disposable incomes are rapidly increasing, making discretionary spend on eCommerce an immediate reality. These conditions deliver the perfect storm for a massive surge in consumer demand for digital payments.”

The portal will give consumers access to exclusive product offers and discounts on goods and services from their mobile provider, as well as free access to One Drive, Outlook email addresses, educational content and business tools.

The functionality provided by Skrill will enable users to make payments …read more

Source:: Mobile App News