Microsoft Sells Display Ad Tech to AOL and Maps to Uber

By Tim Maytom

Microsoft Level39

Microsoft is planning to dramatically streamline its online operations, selling its display advertising business to AOL and elements of its map-generating technology to Uber as it strips out parts of its business that have been losing money in recent years.

The sales indicate that Microsoft plans to focus on its growing search advertising business, powered by its Bing search engine, and will display maps on its Windows devices, rather than generating them itself.

Employees in the display advertising business will be offered the chance to transfer to AOL, although Microsoft has said that it is not planning on making any layoffs, suggesting that any who remain may be absorbed into the search ad unit or other areas of the business.

As part of the 10 year deal, AOL, which was recently bought by Verizon, will sell display ads on MSN,, Xbox, Skype and a number of apps in certain countries. In return, Bing will become the search engine of choice on AOL from the start of next year.

Microsoft also extended its multi-year agreement with AppNexus, which provides the tech platform used to purchase ads within its ecosystem.

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