Millennial Media Introduces 100 per cent Viewability Guarantee

By Tim Maytom

Michael Barrett, CEO and president of Millennial Media

Michael Barrett, CEO and president of Millennial Media

Mobile ad marketplace Millennial Media is introducing a 100 per cent viewability guarantee for in-app mobile ad campaigns, hoping to position itself as the most trusted source of mobile impressions.

Ad quality has been an increasing concern over the last few years, with brand safety, fraud and viewability all key topics for marketers looking to protect the brands they work with, and ensure they are not paying for ads that consumers are not seeing.

The IAB recently released a State of Viewability report, highlighting the growing shift towards making digital advertising more accountable and comparable to other media channels when it comes to KPIs.

“The mobile ad ecosystem is desperately seeking guidelines around viewability,” said Michael Barrett, president and CEO at Millennial Media, and a board member of the IAB. “Today, we are choosing the highest standard possible by offering a 100 per cent in-app viewability guarantee.

“We have selected Integral Ad Science as our measurement partner because they are the only at-scale vendor that can currently measure in-app viewability. We will continue to partner closely with the MRC, IAB and the mobile ad ecosystem to define industry-wide standards around viewability. We are …read more

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