#MMLife – At Home with Mobile

By Tim Maytom

MM life

Our flagship event Mobile Marketing Life got off to a great start with the At Home stream, examining mobile’s growing influence in consumer’s homes and how technology is adapting and changing to reflect our growing connected nature.

As our senior reporter Kirsty Styles noted, our phones have become the first thing we check when we wake up, and the last thing we look at before we go to sleep, second only to a roof over our heads in what we require to survive in modern society.

First off, Eric Kruse and Jan Hederén of Ericsson examined how connectivity is appearing in every aspect of our life now. As mobile technology crosses the inflection point, moving from ‘installation’ to ‘transformation’, we’re seeing more and more technologies emerge that take advantage of the opportunities mobile creates.

In France, Tranquillen can use big data to estimate how crowded a train headed to Paris will be, a fortnight before it runs, while Glowcaps are using connected containers for Alzheimer’s medication that remind patients to take medicine and notify pharmacies when people are running low.

Jan also wowed attendees with a demonstration of Ericsson’s Connected Paper product, that integrates tiny chips and antennas into packaging and …read more

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