#MMLife – At Play With Mobile

By Tim Maytom

MM life

The final section of our flagship event Mobile Marketing Life was all about mobile at play, and how mobile is having a transformative effect when it comes to our leisure time.

Miles Lewis of Shazam took us on a journey from the company’s inception in 2002, when it was a UK-only text based service, through the introduction of the iPhone, where Shazam was among the first 10 apps to appear in the App Store, to today, where the service boasts 500m users, 100m monthly active users, and is a Top 20 app globally.

He also explained how Shazam tried to “stay ahead of the creativity curve” by dealing with audio content that challenges them, like tracks that were being mixed together by DJs in clubs. Deals with BeatPort and Juno Records enabled the company to analyse over 20,000 tracks a week, so that the chances of the app returning “track unknown” are minimised.

Shazam is also driving music consumption and trends. Because the tracks being ‘Shazamed’ by consumers tend to be new music, the Shazam charts are usually ahead of the official charts, and are actually used by Betfair to predict what will get to number one. Australian radio …read more

Source:: Mobile App News