#MMLife – Exploring Mobile At Work

By Tim Maytom

MM life

The second section of our Mobile Marketing Life flagship event was dedicated to how mobile is transforming the workspace, and how companies are embracing the changing digital world.

Emma Cerrone and Nick Hawkins of Free:formers closed their presentation with a quote from John Le Carre: “A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world”, and each presentation highlighted how important having an agile approach to mobile has become to businesses.

Doug Baker, IT services manager at McDonald’s, gave us some great insight into how the company had transformed from 1974, when it opened its first UK restaurant and “the most advanced technology was the ashtrays on the tables” to today, where it has embraced mobile to create a staff-driven IT infrastructure.

Focusing on staff proved a key element to the company’s changing approach, with balancing the needs of users with the requirements of the IT staff crucial to making sure solutions were adopted company-wide, with Doug noting that his job as an IT director is “40 per cent technology, 60 per cent people”.

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