#MMLife: Three Big Predictions from Future Foundation

By Alex Spencer

Future Foundation

During his keynote presentation at Mobile Marketing Life today, The Future Foundation director of global trends Dominic Harrison gave the audience three predictions for future trends.

“What underlying needs can we expect to see mobile technology addressing in the coming years?” he said. “There are three which we think will define expectations and interactions in the decade ahead: the needs for control, quiet, and celebrity.”

“We’re entering an era of heightened personal control,” said Harrison. “We’re striving for better control of our lives and our homes. The reasons driving this are complex, whether it’s an awareness of health risks or the need to protect household budget from a weak macroeconomic climate, but it’s definitely growing.”

Possibly the most mainstream example of this currently is people using their mobile device to manage their finances, a behaviour which has been adopted by as many as 50 per cent of people in South Korea, and 55 per cent in Finland.

Health tracking, meanwhile, remains a niche interest – even in the country where usage is highest among ‘Generation Y’ consumers, Australia, only 20 per cent are currently engaging in this behaviour – but The Future Foundation expects it to continue growing.

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Source:: Mobile App News