Mobile Growth Helps Facebook Beat Estimates for Q4 Results

By Tim Maytom

facebook summer

For the 10th consecutive quarter, Facebook announced revenues ahead of Wall Street’s estimates, largely driven by the strength of its mobile advertising and increasing numbers of mobile users.

Revenue for the fourth quarter totaled $3.85bn (£2.54bn), 93 per cent of which came from advertising. Total revenue grew 49 per cent year-on-year, while ad revenues were up 53 per cent on Q4 2013.

Mobile ad revenue made up 69 per cent of all ad revenue for Q4 (around $2.48bn), up from 53 per cent last year, and 66 per cent the previous quarter, emphasising both how mobile-first Facebook has become, and how well it has managed that transition compared to some other companies.

Facebook now boasts 890m daily users but the truly interesting user growth is happening on mobile, with 1.19bn mobile monthly users (up 6.2 per cent) and 745m daily mobile users (up 5.9 per cent), meaning that growth is actually accelerating. Mobile-only users hit 526m, up 15.3 per cent from last quarter thanks to Facebook’s increasing efforts in emerging markets where mobile is the primary way of accessing the internet.

While mobile access may still be growing at an ever-increasing rate, many commentators are already pointing to video as Facebook’s next …read more

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