Motive Launches TabletTV to Bring Internet-free Freeview to Mobile

By Alex Spencer

Tablet TV 5 Dec 1.

Motive Television has launched TabletTV UK, a TV tuner that makes it possible to watch over-the-air Freeview channels on a mobile device without requiring an internet connection.

Mobile devices can connect to the tuner over wi-fi, and access the TV content via the TabletTV app, initially only available on iOS, but with an Android version due to be released soon. Also due in a future update is the ability to record programmes for time-shifted viewing.

There are two version of the device available – the mains-powered tuner for home use, costing £64.99, and a battery-powered portable version, costing £69.99.

“The launch of TabletTV UK is an important milestone for Motive and for lovers of live television viewing,” said Motive CEO Leonard Fertig. “Personal live TV viewing on tablets is a dramatic change in viewing habits and marks a continual sea change in the television industry.”

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Source:: Mobile App News