MWC Roundup: Day Three

By Tim Maytom

51Degrees' globe, demonstrating Samsung device use at around noon GMT

51Degrees’ globe, demonstrating Samsung device use at around noon GMT

51Degrees Visualises the Mobile World

Day three of the Mobile World Congress is usually light on announcements, which gives us the chance to catch up on some of the other news that has emerged over the event, such as the impressive display created by device detection firm 51Degrees and open source software company The Away Foundation.

The two firms collaborated to create a graphics rich image of the globe that demonstrated the relative strength of mobile handset manufacturers in every country around the world, collecting more than 3bn instances across more than 1.5m websites a month to generate the graphic.

“51Degrees has been looking for a way to visualise big data sets, to help illustrate the billions of data points that we collect,” said James Rosewell, CEO of 51Degrees. “Having seen the work that The Away Foundation has been doing in gaming and other industries, there was an opportunity to create a unique visualisation of big data.”

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