Netbiscuits Rolls Out Multiscreen Visitor Tracking

By Tim Maytom

cross channel multiscreen

Multiscreen analytics firm Netbiscuits has launched a new tool aimed at enabling marketers to quickly and easily see which content is driving the highest traffic to their websites, broken down by multiscreen categories and detailing customer journeys.

The firm’s ‘Visitor Flows for Customer Journey Mapping’ tool enables marketers to view how visitors are moving through their website, and how user engagement changes across different pages and different content types such as video, downloads and photos.

It also shows how consumers more from page to page while onsite, enabling firms to identify problems in flow before they become serious, and maximise the time customers spend on their website.

The multiscreen solution provides content marketers with a single analytical dashboard through which they can aggregate the entire visitor journey and map it with conversion, time on site, bandwidth speeds, screen referral and traffic data.

It enables marketers to understand how consumers accessing through different devices and different calls to action move through websites and engage with pages, and helps pinpoint content that may not be suited to different screens, or that needs optimising to meet the needs of visitors.

The tool aims to solve some of the problems that face marketers in an age when …read more

Source:: Mobile App News