Network Effect

By Tim Maytom

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One word dominated the mobile advertising landscape in 2014: programmatic. And 2015 looks like being no different, as almost everyone in the mobile advertising business seeks to show off their programmatic credentials in a bid to secure their future. But how big a deal is programmatic in mobile, and what impact is it having on the way mobile advertising campaigns are planned, booked and executed?

James Chandler, global mobile director at media agency Mindshare, suspects there may be some hype at play: “You do hear lot of people in the programmatic game beating the drum and saying there is a lot of it about, and the fact that Apple, the most closed company in the world is now working with Rubicon on programmatic, is obviously significant,” he says.

“But then you hear the other side of the coin where it’s not even reached maturity on desktop yet and here we are trying to figure out mobile. Maybe we should look at the mistakes that have been made using online …read more

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