NiQuitin Launches App to Help Users Quit Smoking

By Tim Maytom

niquitin app

Anti-smoking aid manufacturer NiQuitin has released an app aimed at helping smokers give up for good, offering personalised support for users including a ‘Quit Team’ of successful quitters, motivational rewards and even financial incentives.

The app, weQuit, provides real-time support and motivation for every step of the quit journey, with rewards including discounts on smoking cessation products to maintain willpower and drive.

According to NiQuitin, two-thirds of current smokers would like to stop smoking, and 35 per cent attempt to quit at least once a year. By providing personalised support, the app hopes to distinguish itself from other smoking cessation apps currently on the market.

“The weQuit by NiQuitin app is a milestone for smokers who want to quit,” said Sarah Mahoney, a spokesperson for NiQuitin. “The benefits of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) have been proven for years. This app combines these benefits with a system that provides instand support, encouragement and inspiration right in a smoker’s pocket.”

The app enables users to create a personal profile, setting a quit date and identifying trigger moments when they are most likely to lapse, which the app will then support them through. It also sets a series of personalised challenges and milestones to aim …read more

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