No Phones Yet, But Xiaomi Accessories are Coming to Europe and US

By Tim Maytom

mi us and eu store

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is to begin selling mobile accessories to the US, UK, France and Germany through its online store, its first step towards entering the Western market.

The fast-growing company has expanded to dominate the Chinese market over the past few years, as well as showing strong performances in various other Asian markets, thanks largely to its low-priced Android devices and innovative community-driven marketing.

To begin with, the company’s smartphones, which retail for a fraction of the cost of other manufacturers’ high-end devices, will not be available to American and European customers, with the store instead focusing on the company’s wide range of accessories.

Among the devices available to buy will be the firm’s Mi Band fitness tracker, power packs and Mi Headphones, all of which retail at highly competitive prices.

One of the reasons the company may have decided not to include its smartphones in the expansion is due to legal and patent issues; the firm was recently banned from selling in India due to a patent claim by Ericsson that was upheld by Indian courts.

Another issue may be the popularity of manufacturer deals with mobile networks in the US and other Western markets, …read more

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