Only Six Per Cent of Diners Interested in Restaurants’ Apps

By Alex Spencer

A chart showing how likely diners are to download a restaurant's app

A chart showing how likely diners are to download a restaurant’s app

Just six per cent of diners say they’re ‘very likely’ to download a restaurant or food chain’s app, preferring apps which aggregate a number of different restaurants. That’s according to a report from OpenTable, which surveyed 6,000 users of its online restaurant booking service across 10 cities in the US.

It’s not all bad news, though. 18 per cent say they ‘always’ or ‘frequently’ use their devices to interact with a restaurant’s loyalty program, and 17 per cent share the experience on social media.

Just 13 per cent have ever used mobile payments in a restaurant, but 46 per cent said that they’d like to try it.

Topping the list of most wanted features, meanwhile, is the ability to beat the wait list – 85 per cent of respondents would like to know how long the wait for a table is in advance, and 83 per cent want to add themselves to the list before arriving.

There’s very little demand for using smartphone or any other technology to order in advance, however. Only 19 per cent said they were interested in ordering drinks and just 14 per cent for food, while pre-paying was …read more

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