Ooyala Fights Back Against Ad Block Technology

By Tim Maytom


Ooyala has unveiled a new ad serving platform that combines the company’s video and ad tech capabilities with anti-ad blocking technology that aims to fight back against the growing number of ad blockers employed by consumers.

With recent figures suggesting that Google lost out on $6.6bn (£4.2bn) worth of revenues due to ad blockers last year alone, the issue has never been more on the minds of publishers, marketers and brands.

Ooyala’s new video plugin is designed to take advantage of key features in its ad serving platform, integrating a variety of anti-ad blocking technology as well as sequencing for storytelling, audience targeting for ad personalisation and rich customisation capabilties.

The anti-ad block technology has been adopted by five major European premium publishers who have been able to unlock around 90m ad impressions every month that were previously blocked and otherwise unable to be monetised, recovering more than $1m in previously lost revenue for Ooyala’s customers.

“This is a major step forward for Ooyala customers as we weave our ad tech into our widely personalised video platform,” said Jonathan Wilner, vice president of product at Ooyala. “It provides an entirely new value-add for our customers as they begin to see …read more

Source:: Mobile App News