Papa Johns Introduces Bill-splitting Functionality to App

By Tim Maytom

papa johns payshare

Pizza chain Papa Johns has introduced PayShare, a new solution for mobile and online ordering that enables customers to immediately split their bill during the payment stage of the transaction.

The solution, powered by digital payments firm Venmo, provides customers with a safe and secure option to split the bill on any mobile or online order, and is being promoted with a new TV commercial by Papa Johns to encourage users to try out the feature.

“In today’s ‘sharing economy,’ consumers split fares for car services and share their homes on vacation rental sites, so why not share the pizza bill too?,” said John Schnatter, founder, president and CEO of Papa John’s.

“PayShare is yet another milestone for Papa John’s which has a solid track record of digital ‘firsts’ including the first commercial pizza chain to allow system wide online ordering in our traditional restaurants 15 years ago, and the first pizza brand to account for 50 per cent of all sales through digital and mobile channels.”

“PayShare will change the mindset of our customers as they begin to think less of a $20 order and see it more as a $5 meal,” said Bob Kraut, chief marketing officer at …read more

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