Pebble: Apple Watch Has Boosted Our Sales

By Alex Spencer

The Apple Watch is set for release next year

The Apple Watch is set for release next year

The Apple Watch’s announcement last month was music to the ears of many people who’ve been waiting for the wearables market to take off. But where does this leave the smaller companies which have already launched smartwatches? According to Pebble chief evangelist Myriam Joire, speaking at the GlazedCon wearable event in London today, they’re in a stronger position than ever before. “The Apple Watch is a huge opportunity for us,” she said. “Apple coming into this space completely validates the work we’ve been doing over the past few years.” With the flurry of mainstream advertising that will no doubt accompany the Watch’s launch, Joire claimed it’s like “having the world’s biggest marketing machine working for us”.

Pebble’s range of smartwatches

Joire said she envisions Pebble as the “entry-level, mid-range option” – an approach which helped kickstart Android’s growth in the early days of the iPhone. Earlier this month, Pebble cut the pricetag of its most basic smartwatch to $99, compared to the starter price of $399 for an Apple Watch. Pebble has already seen the effects of this first-hand. “We’ve sold so many more devices since Apple’s announcement,” said Joire, adding that …read more

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