Pizza Hut “Subconscious Menu” Knows Your Choices Before You Do

By Tim Maytom

tobii pizza hut

Bad news for all those pizza lovers claiming they hate pineapple when they’re actually craving a Hawaiian – Pizza Hut‘s new “Subconscious Menu” uses eye-tracking technology to reveal what pizza will best suit you.

Developed by eye-tracking tech firm Tobii, the menu is completely controlled by the customer’s retina, offering images of 20 different ingredients and tracking which the customer has been looking at the longest. The menu then uses an algorithm to sort through all 4896 possible ingredient combinations and pick the customer’s perfect pizza in under three seconds.

Testing on the Subconscious Menu has shown that 98 per cent of users were happy with their recommendation, and should the user be offered something they aren’t in the mood for, they can restart the process by looking at the reset button.

The menu, which was developed over six months of close partnership between Tobii and Pizza Hut, will be rolled out to refurbished restaurants within the UK over the next few years.

“We love to excite and innovate,” said Kathryn Austin, head of marketing for Pizza Hut. “This year we’ve redesigned restaurants up and down the country and launched a brand new menu with lots of tasty new options. …read more

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