Plus ça Change

By David Murphy

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They say things go in cycles, but when you’re going through a period of such massive change, that can sometimes seem hard to believe. Because if things go in cycles, will we ever go back to a time where we sit down to watch a TV programme without a mobile or tablet in hand? Or a time where, when you look around you on the train or the bus each morning, there are more people looking at a physical newspaper or book than there are staring at a screen? Seems unlikely, doesn’t it?

And yet, in some areas of modern life, including ones that been heavily impacted by digital tech, we do seem to be going back to the future. As a kid, and one from a working class family, we used to rent a lot of the stuff that the modern family would now buy outright, the TV and video recorder being just two examples. (Whatever happened to Radio Rentals?)

But at a dinner a couple of weeks ago, I heard a convincing argument that our desire to own things outright is on the wane. The dinner was organised by BazaarVoice, which, short version, helps companies …read more

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