Pontis Celebrates 500m Customers Worldwide

By Tim Maytom

pontis logo

Contextual engagement firm Pontis has announced that its solutions for telecom service providers now reach half a billion customers worldwide, thanks to the company’s work with Tier One service providers around the globe.

The company aims to revolutionise customer engagement for the telecom industry through multi-channel holistic and proactive customer experiences, with customers who have deployed Pontis’ solutions seeing a three per cent increase in ARPU, 15 per cent increase in revenue from mobile data services, NPS scores up by a quarter and 15 per cent drops in annual churn.

Pontis focuses on continuous contextual engagement, enabling service providers to build ongoing two-way dialogues with customers that allow them to proactively tend to personal needs and behaviours throughout the customer life-cycle.

“As leading telecom service providers go through a transformation to become digital businesses, there is a shift in marketing taking place pivoting from traditional segmentation and product-centric campaigns to an approach addressing the growing need for context-based, individually tailored engagement,” said Udi Ziv, CEO of Pontis.

“Our half a billion customers worldwide represent the power our solutions have to improve the relationship leading service providers have with their customers. By channeling real-time cutting edge big data analytics we challenge traditional ineffective …read more

Source:: Mobile App News