Powerlinks and Unruly Partner for Programmatic Native Video Offering

By David Murphy

Facebook Feed Ads

In-feed video advertising is increasingly popular on Facebook

Programmatic native ad platform PowerLinks has teamed up with video ad tech company Unruly to launch a programmatic native advertising partnership. The partnership will enable buyers on PowerLinks’ DSP to run video campaigns across premium publishers on UnrulyX, where audiences will see native ads across all devices, served through in-feed placements on home pages and in content streams.

Advertisers will be able to access all placements with one standardized set of creative assets, including a video, headline and sponsor message, which will automatically adapt Unruly’s in-feed video ads in real-time to the design and layout of the publisher’s website through Unruly’s proprietary Liquid Layout Technology.

The real-time bidding (RTB) integration will allow advertisers to reach audiences with first- and third-party data targeting, keyword level context and other data points designed to optimize performance.

The in-feed placements only begin to play once in-view, making the inventory 100 per cent viewable. The partnership will provide detailed reporting and will allow advertisers to make changes and optimizations in real time, while also using PowerLinks learning and bidding technologies to achieve engagement and conversion goals.

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