Promote or Die

By David Murphy


In the light of Tesco’s shocking results this week, Marko Luhtala, CEO of RapidCampaign, offers advice to retailers on avoiding the same fate.

Customers are fickle and their purchase journeys have become more complex, with the research process becoming as multichannel as the buying itself. Shoppers are browsing retailer sites, signing up to email newsletters and following them on social channels – and for two main reasons.

The first is brand affinity: consumers want to experience the best of a brand across all touchpoints. This means retailers need to strive toward consistent experiences in line with consumer expectation and across all digital assets. Customers may interact with a brand across a number of touchpoints because they connect with the brand ideology, or, (more likely), because they want a good deal: In today’s retail world we are overwhelmed with choice and finding the same product at a better price is as easy as a Google search. But competitive price and great, relevant promotions can also strongly link to brand affinity.

Consumers are attracted to brands they feel provide them with good value and a consistent experience. This means that your potential customers are both passively waiting for a deal to come to …read more

Source:: Mobile App News