PubMatic Holds up its Brand Shield Against Ad Fraud

By Tim Maytom

pubmatic flow

Marketing automation firm PubMatic has unveiled a new brand safety solution, Brand Shield for Buyers, that aims to help eliminate malware and fraud, leading to improved campaign performance.

The solution enables media buyers to customise their risk tolerance levels and filter ad impressions according to their preferences, ensuring that only fraud-free viewable impressions are purchased for campaigns.

The company has worked with Integral Ad Science on the solution, which also includes domain-level publisher URL transparency, safety scores for inventory and IAB Bot List support.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of buyers that are self-policing the inventory they’re bidding on, making statements about inventory quality with their wallets,” said Rob Jonas, global chief revenue officer at PubMatic. “At PubMatic, we believe in providing both the premium publishers on our platform and the media buyers bidding on their inventory with a safe environment.

“Brand Shield for Buyers represents a significant step in combating fraud and suspicious activity, and is the first solution to give buyers a way to set their own individual thresholds for inventory quality so they can truly bid with confidence.”

“PubMatic’s Brand Shield solution for buyers is a great step towards enabling buyers to take charge over their …read more

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