PubMatic Introduces Audience Discovery Tools

By Tim Maytom

pubmatic flow

Supply side platform (SSP) PubMatic has introduced a set of audience discovery tools for agencies and DSPs including audience matching, inventory discovery and a new buyer portal.

The workflow automation tools aim to empower media buyers to scale their programmatic opportunities by connecting them directly to multiple publishers with relevant audience segments.

In addition, media buyers will now have the flexibility to transact with publishers via their choice of user interface or platform, either building their own using PubMatic’s Unified Programmatic Direct API or making use of the PubMatic-provided buyer portal.

The tools are part of PubMatic’s ‘Programmatic Direct’ solution and aim to drive greater visibility, sell-through and revenue for publishers by providing them with access to multiple types and sources of demand through a single unified platform. It will also enable them to increase efficiency and reduce friction in the sales process.

“We’re committed to being the industry leader in Programmatic Direct solutions, including both private marketplace and automated guaranteed,” said Adrian Pang, senior director of product management at PubMatic. “At present, programmatic buyers still face many challenges when it comes to buying audiences, including lack of scale and insights into audience segments across publishers.

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