Qualcomm Selling Section of UK Spectrum for Mobile Use

By Tim Maytom

Antennae Mast Broadcast 4G Network

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm has placed a section of the radio spectrum on sale in the UK which could be used by mobile operators to strengthen their data transmission and Internet capabilities for consumers and businesses.

The section of the spectrum, known as L-Band, can be used to boost the downloading capacity that mobile networks can offer to customers, speeding up the mobile web as well app downloads, streaming media and any other services requiring internet access.

Mobile operators have seen increasing demands over the past few years to upgrade existing networks to meet the needs of customers looking to download more internet pages, video and photos, while the growth in rich media and video advertising means marketers are also keen to ensure their content is delivered smoothly, efficiently and as soon as consumer eyes are there to view it.

With the growth of data-heavy services like streaming video and music, cloud storage and OTT messaging, the quality of network is becoming an increasing factor in which network consumers elect to subscribe to.

Qualcomm offered no comment on what prompted the sale of this particular chunk of the spectrum, simply commenting that “Qualcomm UK Spectrum, Qualcomm’s subsidiary that owns L-Band spectrum rights in …read more

Source:: Mobile App News