Quikk Time

By Alex Spencer

Fergal Walker

David Murphy talks to Fergus Walker, CEO (pictured) and Jed Ganville, business advisor at Quikkly, which is trying to reinvent the QR code.

So tell me gents, what is Quikkly and why does the world need it?

FW: In a world where every person, every brand, every product has a substantial digital presence or representation of itself, it’s very easy to interact with it online if you want to watch a product video or connect with a brand on a social network, you click a button and it happens instantaneously.

The problem is that the offline world is not quite there yet. Linking from a business card, advertisement or product packaging to a digital experience is not as easy as it should be. There are a range of solutions to enable this. QR codes are the simplest in terms of execution, but they are designed for machines and supply chain management, not for people. So we decided we should come up with something designed for people, so that when someone looks at a Quikkly Tag, they understand immediately what will happen if they scan it. We also thought it should be possible to personalise it, so brands can include the brand logo …read more

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