Reality Bites

By Tim Maytom

Microsoft Hololens

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Within the space of one week in January, Google shuffled its Glass project out of the spotlight, retiring the current model with no hint of when a replacement would materialise, while Microsoft added some dazzle to its Windows 10 announcement by unveiling the HoloLens. With so many major manufacturers now working on headsets for virtual reality, augmented reality and every other kind of reality you could ask for, has its time finally come?


VR headsets have been in existence for over 50 years, and while we’ve come a long way from the first devices, which were so heavy they had to be hung from the ceiling, the technology has never truly broken through. Microsoft’s HoloLens, a ‘mixed reality’ headset that projects holographic imagery over your surroundings, aims to break that trend.

Using the holographic display, the device aims to blur virtual reality, augmented reality and the physical world in new ways, laying 3D graphics over real world objects. The HoloLens certainly made for an impressive presentation, but for the …read more

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