RingPlus Signs Sprint Deal for its Sponsored Tariffs

By David Murphy

Sprint Ring

RingPlus, which offers talk time, text and data bundles to consumers for free in return for their agreement to listen to sponsored content while they wait for calls to be answered, has signed a wholesale agreement with Sprint in the US to offer its plans on the network.

The plans launch on Saturday, offering 200 minutes of voice calls, 50 text messages, and 10MB of LTE data, with usage over and above these caps billed at two cents per minute, text, and MB).

RingPlus will also offer reduced price paid plans for its higher usage members. In addition to network access, the content plans will use Sprint’s Wholesale Mobile Integration (WMI) connection, in combination with RingPlus’ patented ringback tone media channel technology, to create a new media channel for its members.

RingPlus’ Media Channel plays interactive, radio-style content, including music, news and relevant deals from sponsors to the members during the time the member waits for a call to be answered. Members can customize their experience by selecting from a wide range of music by genre and news stations by interests. If RingPlus members are interested in a coupon, music, or news story, they can press 5 on their phone’s keypad …read more

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