Rocket Fuel Issues Challenge to Ad Industry Over Fraud

By Tim Maytom


Programmatic media-buying platform Rocket Fuel has issued a challenge to digital marketers to have their ad impressions verified by a third party and publicly reported, in order to dispel worries about fraudulent impressions.

According to comScore‘s findings, up to 36 per cent of all web traffic may be fraudulent, having come from bots or non-human sources, and thus invalidating many of the stats advertising platforms claim.

As part of their challenge to other marketers, Rocket Fuel have released Traffic Scanner, a free impression and traffic quality monitoring tool. The tool, currently released in beta, enables advertisers, agencies and DSP providers to access full visibility into their impressions traffic quality score across their full online ad programs and media properties.

Rocket Fuel faced controversy over their own traffic sources earlier this year, when research claimed that 57 per cent of ads placed by them for a Mercedes Benz campaign were ‘viewed’ by automated computer programs. While the company hit back at the claim, stating that only 6 per cent of served ads went to questionable sources, it prompted them to look into further verifying their traffic.

The company commissioned a study by Forensiq, an accredited member of the IAB and part …read more

Source:: Mobile App News