Schuh: “We’d Rather Have Your Money Than Your Data”

By Alex Spencer

Stuart McMillan

It’s no surprise to hear that mobile is big business for shoe retailer Schuh – last week, 46 per cent of its online traffic came from smartphones, and 21 per cent from tablet – but speaking at the Internet Retailing Expo this week, Stuart McMillan, deputy head of eCommerce at Schuh, dove a little deeper into the company’s mobile customer base.

“69 per cent of our smartphone customers are 34 years old or younger,” said McMillan. “But 66 per cent of our tablet visitors are 35 or older – so there are big, big differences between those devices.”

Even more importantly, McMillan claims that 88 per cent of people who made a purchase on Schuh’s site from a mobile device had never shopped with Schuh before, on any channel. Or at least, they weren’t customers Schuh recognised – something which may actually be influenced by its recent decision to enable guest check-out.

“Like many retailers, we have kind of forced customers to use their account,” said McMillan. “But when we removed that restraint, it proved good for conversion. If you think about what is best for the consumer, it’s not that difficult to improve conversion rate in some way.”

Sales now, data later
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Source:: Mobile App News