Screen Test

By David Murphy

IBB Jonathan Weitz

Jonathan Weitz, a partner at IBB Consulting, considers how brands should approach the new opportunities presented by the Apple Watch and other wearables.

Apple Watch orders started to arrive for consumers late last month, surrounded by ongoing media buzz. Others that have already brought products to market are expected to debut improved versions soon.

Apple’s entrance into the wearables market is significant, given the company’s success with past mobile device introductions. Already, there is a growing ecosystem around Watch and analysts estimate that already, around 2m Apple Watches have been sold.

The time has never been better for media companies and brands to start testing engagement strategies for the smartwatch form factor. But it will be important for brands to proceed carefully, especially because user attention to these new screens may become more closely guarded as they decide how to integrate smartwatches into their daily lives. The most effective strategies will leverage the unique capabilities of this new form factor, and offer value and trustworthiness, especially during first engagements.

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