Self-Driving Ads – Adgorithms

By Alex Spencer


Adgorithms CEO and founder Or Shani takes a look at how programmatic’s rise mirrors the advent of driverless cars.

Self-driving cars are the rage in the auto industry. Mercedes-Benz showed off its driverless concept car at this year’s CES. Tesla, Audi, Ford and other manufacturers are developing self-driving models, and Google is set to work on a 100-vehicle test fleet of self-driving cars this year. Other ‘self-driving’ daily processes are set to be everywhere before too long, in the form of vacuums, thermostats, bill payments and more. At CES, even the autonomous outdoor grill cleaner was a hit.

For marketers, though, the most promising technology comes in the form of self-driving ad campaigns via programmatic channels, which promises higher returns on investment (ROI), especially on mobile platforms. The benefits of the self-driving car parallel the benefits of self-driving ad campaigns.

Selection of the fastest and safest routes
In leveraging programmatic channels, self-driving ad campaigns take the manual labor out of determining ad effectiveness. Based on the data, programmatic technology determines which consumers will be most receptive to which ad at any given moment. Just as self-driving cars can pick the fastest, safest, least costly, most efficient, or the most scenic routes better than …read more

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