Sim Cities: The Future of the Connected City

By Tim Maytom

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The idea of the smart city has been increasingly in the news in the past few years, as the same principles that enable us to connect to our homes and cars are applied across large areas, and NFC tags and Bluetooth beacons are deployed in ever larger numbers to create a web of sensors covering our cities.

But while a retailer, restaurant chain or car manufacturer can decide to deploy technology like this relatively easily, creating a smart city means balancing the concerns of citizens, multiple businesses, local authorities and technology providers, all while working within what are often much tighter budget controls, and with much stricter oversight.

While it’s easy to think of London as the be-all and end-all of tech development in England, the size of the capital means that putting this kind of city-wide endeavour in place is challenging to say the least. Instead, some of Britain’s smaller cities have led the way in establishing smart city initiatives, serving as testing grounds for tomorrow’s technology.

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