Škoda and Bamboo Apps: Little Driver (Sponsored)

By Alex Spencer

Image#1 (3 customized cars)

As one of the largest automotive companies in Europe, Škoda Auto prides itself on making cars that “think smart” and “understand life’s little everyday challenges”. The brand continually strives to improve the connected driving experience by providing different types of in-car mobile apps.

To push the boundaries of interaction between passengers and cars, Škoda approached Bamboo Apps with the idea of a gaming app that could teach kids the basics of driving and traffic rules.

From distraction to education
When it comes to raising brand awareness and reflecting their brand values, Škoda gives high priority to interactive mobile-led experiences, which is why it chose to create not just a connected car app, but a branded mobile game – and so Škoda Little Driver was born.

The fact is that children may occasionally distract a driver when travelling. Škoda supposed that an interactive game, simulating the vehicle’s performance in a very realistic way, would be the best recreational activity for long trips so that kids can play while the adult concentrates on driving.

The target users of the apps are kids aged nine to 12, who enjoy playing mobile games and like travelling with parents by car. Another conceptual idea was to add an educational …read more

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