Smart Insole Aims to Help Both Athletes and Patients

By Tim Maytom

smart insole

UK-based bio-engineering firm HCi Viocare Technologies has launched a new connected insole that provides real-time feedback for wearers, helping to prevent injury and, in extreme cases, the need for surgery.

The company is hoping to commercialise the Smart Insole in both the healthcare and sports markets, and is currently engaging with potential licensing partners to get the device into the hands (and shoes) of the people who need it.

The Smart Insole fits into a standard shoe or running trainer, and uses a network of electronic sensors to send data on the users gait to an accompanying app for real-time feedback and more detailed future analysis. It can also be built directly into shoes.

The insole enables users to monitor the stresses and strains they place on their feet, and could be used both by professional and amateur athletes looking to improve their performance and avoid injuries to their feet or knees, as well as diabetic patients at risk of foot ulcers.

“2015 is the year that both industries and individuals will truly begin to feel the impact of connectivity beyond the smartphone and PC,” said Christos Kapatos, chief technology officer for HCi Viocare Technologies. “The Internet of Things is happening and …read more

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