Smart Thermostat Sales Double in a Year

By David Murphy

Nest Connected Thermostat M2M Internet of Things

They are undoubtedly still a niche product, but smart thermostats are gaining traction with consumers, according to the latest research from Berg Insight, which reveals that the number of N. American and European homes with one of the device more than doubled in 2014.

In fact, sales of smart thermostats in N. America and Europe rose by 105 per cent to 3.2m. America led the way, posting 107 per cent growth for a total of 2.5m devices, while Europe saw a 96 per cent increase for a total of 0.7m.

Berg Insight forecasts that the number of homes with smart thermostats in Europe and N. America will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 64.2 per cent during the next five years to reach 38.2m in 2019. N. America will remain the largest market at the end of the forecast period, with 24.6m homes that have smart thermostats, whereas the installed base in Europe is expected to reach 13.6m homes by 2019.

The N. American smart thermostat market is led by Nest, Honeywell and Ecobee. In Europe, the leading smart thermostat vendor is eQ-3, whose smartphone-controlled radiator thermostats have been installed in more than 300,000 homes. Other successful initiatives include …read more

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