SmartFocus Launches Virtual Beacons as Part of Message Cloud Offering

By David Murphy

SmartFocus VirtualBeacons

Using Message Cloud, store staff can create zones in a store by drawing them onto a floorplan in the system

SmartFocus has launched the Message Cloud, which is designed to offer brand marketers a holistic view of their customers and enable them to deliver more personalised marketing interactions.

SmartFocus says the Message Cloud will process unstructured customer data to automatically personalise and contextualise all customer communications. Using a host of factors including location, weather, customer age and gender, favourite brands and products, web browsing history, past buying behaviour and abandoned carts, The Message Cloud will listen to and learns from a brand’s customers.

As part of The Message Cloud offering, SmartFocus will be offering what it says is the the world’s first virtual beacons that, it also says, render current beacon technology redundant. The virtual beacon tech relies on a single physical beacon located near the entrance to a store, as opposed to a typical deployment of multiple physical beacons in different sections of a store. This beacon will interact with shoppers’ phones to triangulate their position within the store and target them with offers or messages from different parts of the store that can be input into the Message Cloud system by …read more

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