Spend on Facebook App Install Ads Up, CTR Down

By David Murphy

Facebook app install ad 2

Advertisers who use Facebook mobile app ads to promote and drive downloads of mobile apps from Google Play and the Apple app stores, increased their spend on this ad unit over 2014, with monthly spend rising 235 per cent in December 2014, compared with January 2014, according to new Mobile App Ad Trends research released by Kenshoo. Impressions for these ads went up by 65 per cent during the year, while installs of mobile apps from the ads increased by 182 per cent according to the data.

At the same time, Kenshoo’s study shows that the clickthrough rate (CTR) on Facebook mobile app ads fell by 27 per cent over the year, indicating the greater competition for clicks in the sector, as more companies advertise their eCommerce (including retail), gaming and consumer apps.

Based on the findings of the report, Kenshoo says that marketers need to spend more than double the amount on mobile app ads to trigger an app installation on Apple iOS devices as they do on Android devices. Put another way, the cost per install (CPI) of Facebook mobile app ads on Apple devices is more than double that for Android devices. This could indicate either greater …read more

Source:: Mobile App News