Spotlight: WAMO

By David Murphy

WAMO Challenge

As we all know, there’s a lot of noise out there and trying to achieve cut-through for brands is increasingly difficult. WAMO (WAnt MObile) is the latest attempt to help solve the problem. It’s an app that originally launched in the middle of last year on iOS and Android and the iOS version has just had an updated with a new look and feel.

For consumers, the app offers a way for them to capture products they like, put them in a list and share them with friends. It also offers them the chance to win products or gift vouchers offered by partner brands, with one prize up for grabs every day in what WAMO calls the Daily Challenge.

Push notifications
This is where the app gets neat. The partner brands – WAMO has around 25 signed up so far including Adidas, Ultimate Ears and Panache Lingerie – decide what they want to give away and WAMO’s users then see it in the app. At present they have to click on the relevant button but push notifications are being added in the summer.

To take part in the challenge, the user – WAMO currently has 50,000 but is aiming for half a …read more

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