Swedish Band uses Geo-location to Stream New Album

By Tim Maytom

john moose

Swedish folk band John Moose took an ambitious step with the release of its self-titled debut album, pre-releasing the album through a mobile app that would only play if the GPS determined that the listener was in a forest.

While the album has since been released to the general public in the traditional form of physical records and downloads, the app, created by the band’s drummer Tobias Norén, is still available on both iOS and Android.

The album concept is focused around a man (the band’s alter-ego, John Moose) who leaves society behind for a simpler existence in the woods, with themes of escapism and our relationship with nature central to many songs. The idea behind the app was to encourage users to listen to the album in a setting that matched these themes.

According to Rolling Stone, the app uses Google Maps Static API and contains a specific algorithm that determines if the user is far enough into a wooded area to unlock the streaming service.

The use of apps to facilitate album releases is becoming more common as artists seek a way to create both buzz and the kind of communal experience around a record that is hard …read more

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