tagsmArt Connect Brings Art Galleries to Life

By David Murphy

tagsmart connect app

tagsmArt has launched the tagsmArt Connect, a free app designed to help visitors to art galleries get the most out of the experience. The app works across all tagsmArt-enabled museums and galleries that have installed Beacons – Saatchi, Gagosian and The Fine Art Society are among the early deployments – removing some of the mystique around art and artists and making it easier for visitors to explore and interact with the art they see.

“Our technology offers users the same freedom as an Oystercard or contactless payment, unobtrusively interacting with art works through your smartphone by simply being near the art work,” said tagsArt CEO, Lawrence Merritt. “This is just one way that the tagsmArt platform has the potential to be very liberating for the art world. With tagsmArt we are contributing to the physical internet, amplifying and enhancing the experience of the real world, while also adding much-needed context – and content – for everyone to be more inspired by art. All of this starts with ‘Connect’ but we have a very clear vision of all the other problems we plan to solve.”

The app is the first element of a new IoT platform created specifically to meet the …read more

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