Talking About the Big Issues: Ad Blocking

By Tim Maytom

Byyd ad blockers

Each week in July, we’ll be taking one of the four biggest issues in mobile advertising right now – ad blocking, viewability, ad fraud and brand safety – and examining it close up. To accompany these pieces, we’ve reached out to some industry experts to give us their perspective on the key issues affecting mobile marketing today.

As we covered in our Big Issues piece earlier this week, ad blocking is becoming an increasingly important topic for mobile marketers to be aware of, and one that is causing considerable divides among different sides of the industry.

With some people claiming that changes in web browsers and network infrastructure could undermine the entire ad ecosystem, while others say that any dangers are overblown and unlikely to impact the industry as a whole, who should we believe? And what solutions are there in place to combat the rise of the ad blockers?

Jon Hook, vice president, advertising strategy, Phunware:
Lets get some context here – ad blocking is nothing new. Just because a few very smart companies are on the PR drive around their VC funding does not mean we need to panic. Some 400 million users have downloaded Ad Block on their …read more

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