Talking About the Big Issues: Viewability

By Tim Maytom


Each week in July, we’ll be taking one of the four biggest issues in mobile advertising right now – ad blocking, viewability, ad fraud and brand safety – and examining it close up. To accompany these pieces, we’ve reached out to some industry experts to give us their perspective on the key issues affecting mobile marketing today.

If you’ve read our Big Issues piece earlier this week, you’ll know that it doesn’t matter how big the screen of your smartphone gets, viewability is always going to be a huge issue for mobile marketers, on both the mobile web and in-app.

With contradictory definitions, differing methodologies and a variety of platforms now offering “100 per cent guaranteed viewability”, who can marketers really trust when it comes to knowing if their ads have been seen, and more importantly engaged with, by consumers?

Stephanie Emmanouel, general manager, connected customer marketing, Somo:
There’s been a shift from measuring served impressions to viewed impressions, meaning that upwards of 70 per cent of all impressions in any campaign should have 50 per cent of pixels in view for at least one second in display.

When buying on a CPM this becomes extremely important to a campaign, but when …read more

Source:: Mobile App News