Talking Programmatic. Repeatedly

By David Murphy

Murph Law 25 March 2015

I’ve spent the first half of this week at Ad Week Europe, where the onward march of programmatic has been plain for all to see. I don’t know how many sessions there have been on the subject, but I’d be interested to see a comparison to last year’s event. My guess is that the growth in the number of sessions spent talking about programmatic has been even more exponential over the past 12 months than the growth in programmatic activity. After sitting through at least half a dozen panel discussions on the first day, my head was spinning, and if my kids had asked me what was for tea when I got home that evening, the most likely response would have been “programmatic and chips”, so many times had I heard the word during the day.

Which makes you wonder whether it’s all hype and is being blown out of all proportion. But one session yesterday convinced me that it’s not. I was asked, and honoured to be asked, to moderate one of the panel sessions by Supply Side Platform (SSP), OpenX, on the subect of Monetising Mobile Through Programmatic. On the panel were David Reed, MD Europe at Mediamath; Stephanie …read more

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