Telegraph Sales Chief Calls for Consensus on Viewability Metrics

By David Murphy

Telegraph May 2015

Mike Buckley, digital commercial director at the Telegraph, outlined the publisher’s approach to programmatic at an Association of Online Publishers (AOP) event this afternoon, and also aired some of his frustrations, particularly around ad viewability.

He told delegates that 90 per cent of the Telegraph’s inventory can now be bought programmatically, and that he wants to increase the proportion to 100 per cent, but that homepage takeovers are currently the stumbling block. Officially, around 30 per cent of the inventory bought programmatically is brand advertising, Buckley said, adding that he believes the real figure is closer to 50 per cent.

But this is in the desktop world. Mobile, he said, lags behind. “We are seeing more demand [for programmatic] on mobile but not as much as you would expect,” he said. “The money is not following the eyeballs, and a lot of the [programmatic] spend on mobile is around DR (direct response). It is moving that way, but not quickly enough; a lot of creative agencies have not got their head around it.”

Buckley went on to say that around 40 per cent of the programmatic spend on the Telegraph is through the Private Marketplace (PMP) model. “We want …read more

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